Sasha’s history

A commitment to professional diversity

When Sasha began her studies, she did not imagine for one second that she would be projected, being only 17 years old, from a completely female world to a predominantly male world:

15% of girls in preparatory classes

6% in engineering school

20% as a physics researcher

6% as an offshore racer

These numbers speak for themselves. And yet, if there are still many obstacles to professional diversity, there is hope. Indeed, men and women are creating exceptional initiatives to encourage an increase in the proportion of women in the workplace.

As an optimistic, I have chosen to highlight these remarkable actions, in order to put the spotlight on those who are committed to a more diversity in the workplace.

Whether it is in the maritime, construction, catering, engineering or banking field, there is no shortage of examples.

Today’s businesses have evolved to create a real place for women: let’s encourage them!

The genesis of this project

A trip to the oceans

In the lab

From 2015 to 2018, Sasha spent most of her time in the lab, behind the microscope or deep in test tubes, in order to carry out the experiments that will allow her to defend her PhD.

It’s exciting, but she misses the sea every single day !

The big start

Once her thesis defended, she decided to return to the ocean, and sailed, by boat hitch-hiking in order to reach New Zealand sailing. It was all
about taking a long time to reconnect with the sea and gain experience on the different seas of the globe.

Step One: the Atlantic

All along the Atlantic coast, from the Basque Country to Portugal, through a pit-stop in Morocco before reaching the Canary Islands: this first stage is rich in emotions. Facing big storm after big storm, winter 2018 is a good challenge for Sasha who regains her reflexes as a sailor !

Step Two: The Pacific

With the passage of the famous Panama Canal, a visit to the uninhabited Perlas Archipelago and a 2 000 km (11-day) crossing to the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific is full of incredible treasures and sumptuous landscapes.

This stage of the journey is slower, with longer navigations, leaving time for reflection.

Returning to France and starting the racing season

After the calm and the sun, Sasha decided to return to France to return to more sporty sailing. Strong currents and tides, treacherous and half-submerged rocks ; it is in the bay of Saint-Malo that she settles to learn how to race.

Discovering the offshore race in England

It’s onboard Champagne, a Figaro 2 from Saint-Malo that Sasha will discover offshore racing, performing the 2019 season of the Royal Ocean Racing Club, the prestigious English offshore racing club.

After more than 1 200 km of racing in the English Channel, Sasha is determined : neither fatigue nor discomfort will make her forget that she is having the best time of her life!

This is a real revelation, and it is the starting point of the project!

Her background