Why commit?

Affirm your values!

This sport has one of the best value for money for an SME.

It has a healthy, clean image and is associated with values of courage, will power and team spirit that fit well with those of our company.

Patricia Brochard, SODEBO

You don't just put money to be seen, but to be able to write and tell a story

Thierry Bouvard, Banque Populaire

Sponsorship allows you to share values, unites internally and allows you to gain notoriety. We don't push a product, we talk about what drives[notre entreprise]. In terms of branding, it's fabulous!

Rosane Le Roux, Macif

Unite your teams!

The Transat 6.50 is a fantastic event for customers and sponsor staff. The team is totally involved. She lives and shares great moments of emotion with the skipper.

Patrick Régnier, Cultisol

Sailing allows the development of external and internal communication. The duration of the races means that we can create a whole universe for employees.

Alexandre Anginot, Kantar Media

This crazy project has only strengthened our cohesion. We are very proud to be part of this race. The federation of all, gathered around this project is the biggest success of our action. 

Patrice Verlet, Faber France

The story of wo[notre entreprise]uld not have been the same without sailing. With our employees and our customers, we share an emotional adventure.

Pascal Cadorel, SODEBO

An incredible communication medium!

Sailing is an interesting medium that offers a multitude of communication possibilities and strategies. Above all, it is one of the few sports where the team bears the name of the sponsor.

Alexandre Anginot, Kantar Media

Very interesting for companies of all sizes The media benefit equivalent is 3 to 4 times compared to our investment.

Bertrand Chabert-Loir, Crêpes Waouh

How do I get involved?

Sponsoring d'entreprise

Un partenariat financier

Contact me to discover all the services I offer my partners: conferences, outings at sea PR, private evenings, company seminars, communication on social networks, meeting your employees, etc.

Dons en nature

Un partenariat technique

Become a technical partner of the project, with a gift in kind: your services or your products (for me or for my community on social networks)


Donnez la somme qui vous convient

You don't have a business but do you like the project? You can give in a personal capacity on the crowdfunding campaign that will take place from January 31 to March 15, 2020,
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My fantastic partners!

Deeply rooted in its territory for more than 110 years, Crédit Agricole d'Ille-et-Vilaine has always maintained a privileged relationship with local players in the blue economy. To support this dynamic in the service of the development and influence of the department, Crédit Agricole d'Ille-et-Vilaine invests in the sea sector with the Marine Economy Pole.

In line with its mutualist values, the Regional Fund is using a Coastal Commission bringing together the relevant players in the territory. It thus shows its willingness to adapt in order to be as close as possible to the expectations of the sector and to demonstrate its usefulness in the service of a strong ambition: to improve the quality of life of the Bretillians.

Since 1979, Technique Sailing has been a sailing company that relies on versatility in its know-how. Frédéric Duthil, the new general manager, has brought all his experience in the field of regatta to revitalize the sailing industry with the aim of always better serving its cruise lines and to accompany the sailors whatever their level.

Thanks to a strong involvement, this sail is of all records. By providing quality materials, the Sail Technique sails, designed by a highly experienced design office and manufactured by a professional sailing team, are the assurance of better navigation.

It was Marc Noel, from Technique Voile Saint-Malo, who offered me a technical partnership to take advantage of these exceptional sails!

Bertrand Finance is a wealth management consulting firm.

Their businesses: financial investment consulting, insurance broker, wealth strategy consulting, real estate investment consulting, advice on different forms of credit investment, pension advice and optimization of social protection.

Their actions: Global audit, retirement balance sheet, estate balance sheet, optimization of executive compensation, optimization of statutes, analysis and optimization of the risk return couple, investment diagnosis, studies (tax, heritage, civil, economic growth).

And three more partners to come …