Sasha Globe Sailor #1 🌏
1 November 2018, La Coruna, Spain

📓My cards are made (📷2)! It's funny how a whole life holds in such a small space. Finally! The journey begins: after 3 years of thesis, I find the sea!😀

I joined a French family on their sailboat (📷4) and we left the northwestern tip of Spain to go down to the south. I'm delighted to finally find myself in my element, even if the change requires some small adjustments that, of course, I manage in total pro 😅:

Step 1: mooring. It's a nice term to say that our body has to get used to living on an object that moves constantly and in all directions. It's a nice term to say that I vomited continuously during 4 days of 🤢 sea. But I sail, I set the sails, every night I admire the sun setting on the horizon 🌅 and nothing can take away this pleasure. (📷1)

Step 2: Test. My job as a researcher is not forgotten so quickly, so I put in place a 🤓 search protocol to find the magic food, which will be nutritious, digested one way, or not too unpleasant if he finally decides to take a return ticket 😬. Tip for you friends: dried apricots – very bad idea. Camembert – strangely enough, it goes very well! 😂 (My Norman origins that may stand out? #CherbourgToujours)

Step 3: Dry. It's been four days since my stuff got wet. 💦 To avoid putting on iced clothes when jumping from the bannette (my bed), I decided never to remove the bottom layer of thermal tights/turtleneck: it serves as pajamas and therefore always stays warm. It's god's fire! On the other hand I wonder if my co-cabin (I share with the sweet Leah a cabin of about 1.5 cubic meters) appreciates the smell. 🙅 let♀️ put this on the back of the camembert;)

Step 4 (and best): sing. 👩 🎤 yes! Sailors sing it's well known. After all: no neighbors, now is the time to revise his repertoire. I have the quarter from 2 to 6 hours: during the day it's nice but at night it's a bit long and lonely. So as not to fall asleep with the cold and monotony, I decided to heal my vocalizations. And given the strong wind, no one can hear me! 💨

Tonight in the starry night, on a small sailboat that runs in bad weather, somewhere off the coast of Portugal, sounds a voice a little errrang of a small sailor strong fragrant who swoons on Celine Dion. And he's a happy sailor 😊 (📷3)