Today I continue my training in Muscadet, always aboard Apero Veritas (The Funeral Choice/Stairway Club) by participating in the famous Vesperales outings of Saint-Malo!

These outings are a reflection of the nautical life of Saint-Malo: lively, technical and friendly. Indeed, for some years now, Laurent Adam of the SNBSM (the Boating Society of the Bay of Saint-Malo, the sailing club to which I now belong) has brought up to date the ancient tradition of the Vesperales of Saint-Malo.

Every Wednesday evening, it is a question of giving a start of a course where sailboats of all types meet: from the dinghy to the great trimarans of the Route du Rhum, through the cruise ships of the locals and, of course, by the superb fleet of Muscadets d E the region!

It is an opportunity for all to sail together, and in particular to confront each other. But be careful! This is not a regatta! There is no rating (i.e. there is no handicap depending on the type of boat), we run in real time: the first comer won. To compensate, the lots are drawn at random.

In the end this first outing is a complete success: we finished first in front of very large boats, and we won the first prize: two beautiful lobsters!

Thank you to the organizers for this great moment, and thank you to the photographers: Thierry Besnier, Lau Mao, Claude Bourniche, Jean-Marie Tassel, Pascal Moreau and Serge Bizeul.